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Principles of Turbulent Fired Heat

Comment : With the assistance of A. FEUGIER, F. LE BOUC, F. MAUSS, C. MEYER, E. PERTHUIS, and G. DE SOETE. Foreword by B. SALÉ.
ISBN : 9782710804574
hardcover      170 x 240 mm      320 pages
Publication date : 1985

Combustion engineers and equipment design engineers involved with furnaces, fired heaters, and boilers will find this an essential reference on the mechanisms of fired heat and its optimization (from a combustion, energy efficiency, and emissions-control standpoint) in industrial applications.

Contents :

1. Introduction. Petroleum fuels. 2. Physical chemistry of combustion. 3. Fluid dynamics in the firebox. 4. Stabilization of flames. 5. High-temperature flames. 6. Premixed combustion. 7. Pollution caused by combustion. 8. Heat exchange in the firebox. Bibliography. Index.

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