About us

Editions Technip was founded in 1956 by the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP), a unique organization reputed throughout the world for its research in the field of oil and gas and for its graduate engineering school, the "Ecole du Pétrole et des Moteurs". Editions Technip publishes on all aspects of the oil and gas industry and related disciplines such as geology, hydrocarbon chemistry, data processing and economics.

Initially, Editions Technip’s authors came from the Institut Français du Pétrole and from the Ecole du Pétrole et des Moteurs. They are now chosen among specialists from all branches of the industry, top ranking French universities and research centers.

Editions Technip’s catalog lists over 1000 titles sorted under the main petroleum disciplines. Included are training course manuals for technical supervisors and engineers, CD-ROMS and advanced works aimed more specifically at design engineers and research workers in the industry and academic world.

Editions Technip is already well known in its field. It publishes original works in English, English translations of its best existing French titles, and the proceedings of international symposia.

Books from Editions Technip are distributed in more than eighty countries throughout the world.

• Management

    Thierry VERRET - President
    Sasan Mottaghian - General Manager


• Publishing

 Julie GRILLI - Publisher

 Nathalie LOISEAU - Publisher


Customer relationship

    Isabelle HUCHANG - Sales
    Annick DENIEL - Advertising, exhibitions, press releases


• Accountancy

    Jean DEHEN