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Illusion or reality? The European experience

Auteurs : FURFARI Antonino

FURFARI Antonino

ISBN : 9782710809203
broché      140 x 200 mm      146 pages
Date de publication : Septembre 2008

Acheteurs américainsAcheteurs américains

Environmental issues, rising prices and security of supply are putting energy at the centre of all attentions. Policymakers pushed by various stakeholders are struggling to find more sustainable solutions to the world legitimate demand for energy.
The transport sector is especially under pressure as it relies for 98% on oil. Despite vast research and development investments, no short-term solutions appeared to be reliable. Thanks to lawmakers support to biofuels, these substitutes for oil are now seen as the potential solution for a sustainable transport.
This book analyses the real possibility of biofuels. Does Europe has enough land to produce the needed feedstock? What are the real gains in terms of greenhouse gases emissions and energy efficiency? Are biofuels really a sustainable solution? Will this policy succeed? Are the targets reachable?
The reader will find some indications in this book to make up his mind on this complex, multifaceted and highly political subject.

Table des matières :

Summary. Introduction. Biofuels in the U.S.A. and Brazil. Do we have enough land in Europe? Biofuels life cycle analysis. Greenhouse gases reduction and efficiency. Case of the glycerine price. Variables affecting biofuels sustainability. Standard for Biofuels. Conclusion. General Bibliography. Annexes. References.

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