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Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Engine Internal Flows

Auteurs : BARITAUD Thierry


Docteur en Physique de l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)

Fonction :
Chef du département Recherches en combustion et moteurs de l’Institut français du pétrole

Domaines de publication :
Combustion, moteurs, diagnostiques optiques, modélisation

Auteur de plus de 50 communications scientifiques dont 40 en anglais, Th. Baritaud a publié 2 ouvrages en anglais aux Éditions Technip :
– Direct Numerical Simulation for Turbulent Reacting Flow
– Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Engine Internal Flows

Information complémentaire :
Membre de l"Editorial Advisory Board" de "Experiments in Fluids" et du "Journal of Engine Research", membre du bureau du Groupement français de combustion

ISBN : 9782710807711
broché      210 x 270 mm      176 pages
Date de publication : Août 1999

Acheteurs américainsAcheteurs américains

With an increasingly challenging commercial environment, and the need imposed by safety principles to reduce both fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, the development of new engines can now benefit from the advances of computational fluid dynamics. Engine CFD is a most challenging simulation problem. This is caused by the spread of time and space scales, the excursion amplitude of most parameters, the high quasi-cyclic unstationarity of engine flows, the importance of minor geometry details, the number of physical and chemical processes including turbulent combustion and multi-phase flows to model. However, engine CFD has now reached a state where it has become a widely used tool, not only for engine understanding, but also increasingly for engine design. Undoubtedly, laser diagnostics in optical access engines have also brought significant help.

Table des matières :

1. State of the art of multi-dimensional modeling of engine reacting flows. 2. Simulation of the intake and compression strokes of a motored 4-valve SI engine with a finite element code. 3. A parallel, unstructured-mesh methodology for device-scale combustion calculations. 4. Large-eddy simulation of in-cylinder flows. 5. Simulation of engine internal flows using digital physics. 6. Automatic block decomposition of parametrically changing volumes. 7. Developments in spray modeling in diesel and direct-injection gasoline engines. 8. Cyto-fluid dynamic theory of atomization processes. 9. Influence of the wall temperature on the mixture preparation in DI gasoline engines. 10. Simulation of cavitating flows in diesel injectors. 11. Recent developments in simulations of internal flows in high pressure swirl injectors. 12. 3D simulation of DI diesel combustion and pollutant formation using a two-component reference fuel. 13. Modeling of NOx and soot formation in diesel combustion. 14. Multi-dimensional modeling of combustion and pollutants formation of new technology light duty diesel engines. 15. 3D modeling of combustion for DI-SI engines. 16. Combustion modeling with the G-equation. 17. Multi-dimensional modeling of the aerodynamic and combustion in diesel engines. 18. CFD aided development of a SI-DI engine. 19. CFD engine applications at FIAT research centre. 20. Application of a detailed emission model for heavy duty diesel engine simulations. 21. CFD based shape optimization of IC engine.

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