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Sedimentary Geology

Sedimentary Basins. Depositional Environments. Petroleum Formation

Authors : BIJU-DUVAL Bernard


Ph.D. in Geology
Engineer from ENSPM (IFP school – France)

Field of publication :
Sedimentary geology

Author of about 100 scientific articles, Bernard Biju-Duval published with Editions Technip :
– Sedimentary Geology

Complementary informations :
Bernard Biju-Duval has been :
– President of IGAL the " Institut géologique Albert de Lapparent " Paris
– President of the " Centre national français de géologie " Paris
– Responsible for Geosciences Department at the IFREMER Institute
– Senior Engineer of IFP
– Professor at ENSPM

ISBN : 9782710808022
hardcover      170 x 240 mm      656 pages
Publication date : 2002

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Around the book

In this work, the reader will find the basic concepts and vocabulary of sedimentary geology, along with a presentation of the new ideas that are in current use in petroleum exploration. This abundantly illustrated book will serve as an excellent educational tool and remain a valuable resource and handy reference work in any petroleum geology library.

Contents :

1. Basics of dynamic geology. 2. Continental and oceanic basins. 3. Sedimentary driving mechanisms and environments. 4. Time evolution: Sedimentary sequences, stratigraphy. 5. From sediments to sedimentary basin rocks and mountain chains. 6. Petroleum systems. Index

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