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Gas Cycling

A New Approach

Authors : ROJEY Alexandre

ROJEY Alexandre

Graduate Engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (a superior french school of engineering)
MSc from DIC (Imperial College)

Director of the Natural Gas Department at IFP (French Petroleum Institute)

Field of publication:
Separation operations, Mass transfer, Natural gas

Author of numerous scientific communications, A. Rojey published and edited 6 titles with Editions Technip:
In English:
- Gas Cycling. A New Approach
- Natural Gas. Production. Processing. Transport
- Energy Conservation in Refining and Petrochemistry
In French:
- Transfert de matière. Efficacité des opérations de séparation de génie chimique (with D. Defives)
- Le gaz naturel. Production. Traitement. Transport
- Le raffinage du pétrole. Tome 2. Procédés de séparation

Comment : 

Proceedings of the seminar held in 1998, Rueil-Malmaison, France.

ISBN : 9782710807599
trade paperback      170 x 240 mm      148 pages
Publication date : May 1999

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Gas cycling: the industrial stakes. Gas injection and production: an integrated approach. Acid gas reinjection engineering view point. Technological developments in sour gas processing. Global loop concept. Injection of CO2 into an aquifer for storage. Handil field: tertiary oil recovery by gas injection. Panel discussion: the future of the global approach to gas cycling. Natural gas for tomorrow.

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