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Industrial Water Treatment

Authors : BERNÉ François

BERNÉ François

Graduate Engineer in agronomic industries

Chief Engineer, Research and Development Division, Degrémont (french society)

Field of publication:
Corrosion, Industrial waste water treatment and reuse

Mr. Berné published and co-authored 4 titles:
In English:
– Industrial Water Treatment (Ed. Technip)
– Water Treatment Handbook (Degrémont)
In French:
– Traitement des eaux (effluents du raffinage) (Ed. Technip)
– Memento technique de l’eau (Degrémont)



Chemical Engineer from the National School of Rennes
Graduate from the Management Institute, University of Rennes (France)

Product Manager, Degremont, Technical assistance for corrosion, Lyonnaise des eaux

Field of publication:
Water treatment

Author of 15 scientific articles, Mr. Cordonnier published and co-authored the following titles:
In English:
– Water treatment handbook (Lavoisier)
– Industrial Water Treatment (Ed. Technip)
In French:
– Mémento de l’eau Degremont (Lavoisier)
– Traitement des eaux (Ed. Technip)

Comment : Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing Techniques.
ISBN : 9782710806738
hardcover      170 x 240 mm      266 pages
Publication date : 1995

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This book is an introduction to waste water and cooling water treatments for student and graduate engineers in the oil industry. It is based on industrial implementation of these treatments and describes the experience gained by a number of plant managers in operating their own facilities. The challenge for both effluent purification and cooling water conditioning is the search for minimum makeup water consumption and consequently optimum effluent recovery in order to ensure better environmental protection.


This book is available in French under the title "Traitement des eaux".

Contents :

1. Chemistry of natural water and industrial waste water. 2. Refinery effluents and primary treatment. 3. Aerobic biological purification and tertiary treatments for refinery and petrochemical plant effluents. 4. Treatment of spent caustic. 5. Treatment of petrochemical plant effluents. 6. Treatment case studies. Purification monitoring and sludge disposal. 7. Conditioning of cooling system water. Bibliography. Index.


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