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Natural Gas in the World. Outlook to 2000

Comment : Edited by Association Technique de l'Industrie du Gaz en France.
ISBN : 9782710805717
hardcover      148 x 210 mm      200 pages
Publication date : 1989

This study aims to be a realistic approach to the foreseeable future for natural gas, its proved reserves and ultimate resources, its production, its markets, and its international trade. Hence, as opposed to global energy forecasting studies, this analysis has been made in depth country by country and for each one of the sectors where natural gas is used.

Contents :

I. Natural gas reserves and resources. 1. Classification and terminology of gas resources. 2. Growth of world reserves and resources. 3. Proved reserves: geographic distribution and trends. 4. Ultimate resources. 5. Unconventional gas resources. 6. The place of gas in world primary energy resources. II. Supply and demand prospects by the year 2000. 1. Methodological approach. 2. Guidelines. 3. Production. 4. Consumption. 5. International trade. III. Prospects of 2020. 1. Methodology. 2. Production. 3. Consumption. 4. International trade. Appendixes: Gas market trends by region. 1. North America. 2. Latin America. 3. Western Europe. 4. Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. 5. Africa. 6. Middle East. 7. Japan. 8. Australia and New Zealand. 9. Other countries of Asia/Oceania.

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