Catalogue :  RICHARD Jean-Pierre

Graduate Engineer from IDN (Institut Industriel du Nord) - Lille, France
Ph.D. in science

Professor of University, Research director at LAIL (Laboratory of Control and Industrial Informatics of Lille)

Field of publication:
Automatic control

Author of about 130 scientific articles, Dr. Richard published and co-authored 24 titles including:
In English:
- Applied Control (Marcel Dekker)
- Nonlinear Systems (Chapman & Hall)
  - Vol. 1. Modelling and Estimation
  - Vol.2. Stability and Stabilization
  - Vol. 3. Control
- Stability and Control of Time-Delay Systems (Springer Verlag)
- Stability and Control: Theory, Methods and Applications (Gordon & Breach)
In French:
- Analyse et régulation des processus industriels (Ed. Technip)
  - Tome 1. Régulation continue
  - Tome 2. Régulation numérique
- Commande et optimisation des processus (Ed. Technip)
- Modélisation et identification des processus (Ed. Technip)
- Systèmes non linéaires (Ed. Masson)

Complementary information:
Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE), member of the International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts (IFNA) and of the New York Academy of Sciences. Since 2000, Dr. Richard is also a member of the  Technical Committee on Linear Systems of the  International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and of the Society of Electrical Engineers (SEE).