Catalogue :  HIPEAUX Jean-Claude

Graduate Engineer from the CNAM - France and from the IFP School - France

Senior Research Engineer at IFP (French Institute of Petroleum), Professor at IFP School - France

Field of publication:
Physical chemistry of lubricants

Author of about 30 scientific articles (13 in English), Mr. Hipeaux published and co-authored 3 titles:
In English:
- Lubricant Properties, Analysis, and Testing (Ed. Technip)
- Engine Oils and Automotive Lubrication - Chapter 3.12 (Marcel Dekker)
In French:
- Physico-chimie des lubrifiants. Analyses et essais (Ed. Technip)

Lubricant Properties, Analysis andTesting Lubricant Properties, Analysis andTesting
February 2000
BRIANT Jean, DENIS Jacques, HIPEAUX Jean-Claude
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