Catalogue :  CHAUVEL Alain

ENSIC Engineer
Chemical Engineering MS degree (Nancy – France)
Ph.D. (Paris - France)

Deputy Director, Strategy, Economics Program (IFP – French Petroleum Institute)

Field of publication:
Economic evaluation, petrochemicals

Author of 50 scientific articles, Dr. Chauvel published and co-authored 12 titles including:
In English:
– Manual of Economic Analysis of Chemical Processes (Ed. MacGraw-Hill)
– Petrochemical Processes. Technical and Economic Characteristics – 2 vol. (Ed.Technip)
In French:
– Manuel d’évaluation économique des procédés (Ed.Technip)
– Procédés de pétrochimie. Caractéristiques techniques et économiques – 2 vol. (Ed.Technip)