Catalogue :  BROS Thierry

Thierry Bros is, since 2010, Senior European Gas and LNG analyst for Société Générale. He joined the bank in 2007, as Senior Financial Analyst, to provide recommendations on listed pan-European gas stocks (BG Group, Centrica, Enagas, Gas Natural Fenosa, Gazprom, GDF SUEZ and Snam). He was, from 2002 to 2007, Senior Oil & Gas expert at the French Ministry of Economics, Finance and Industry, where he represented France on oil markets and emergency questions at the International Energy Agency (Paris) and the European Commission (Brussels). As a gas specialist, he negotiated the European directive concerning measures to safeguard security of natural gas supplied for France and reviewed the regulations governing the opening up and liberalization of the French gas market. Prior to that, he worked, for 10 years for IFP Energies nouvelles. Thanks to those different positions, Thierry Bros has access to top industry managers and high rank policy officials. Dr. Bros is also a visiting faculty professor at several universities and a speaker at international conferences on gas-related subjects. Thanks to its deep knowledge, Thierry Bros is also asked to chair sessions at the United Nations Economic Commission For Europe Gas Centre in Geneva. He can be reached at bros.thierry@gmail.com