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Rock Mechanics. Vol. 1 Theoretical Fundamentals

Authors : CHARLEZ Philippe A.

CHARLEZ Philippe A.

Philippe Aimé Charlez is a Mining Engineer and graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium). He obtained his PhD from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and went on to join Total in 1982 where he worked as a Rock Mechanics Expert for 15 years. He then occupied several operational and management positions in Scotland, Angola and more recently, Kazakhstan.

He is currently Development Manager of Unconventional Resources for the Total Group. Ph. Charlez is the author of two books on Rock Mechanics, and over 50 scientific papers.

ISBN : 9782710805854
trade paperback      170 x 240 mm      360 pages
Publication date : 1991

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Contents :

I. Mechanics of Continuous Media - Basic Concepts. 1. State of Strain. 2. State of Stress. 3. Thermodynamics of Continuous Media. II. Mechanism of Material Strain. 4. Linear Elasticity. General Theory. 5. Plane Theory of Elasticity. 6. Behaviour of a Material Containing Cavities. 7. Thermodynamics of Saturated Porous Media. 8. Infinitesimal Thermoporoelasticity. 9. The Triaxial Test and the Measurement of Thermoporoelastic Properties. 10. Thermoporoelastoplasticity. General Theory and Application. III. Mechanisms of Material Cohesion Loss. 11. Fissuring. 12. Introduction to Damage Theory. 13. Appearance of Shearing Bands in Geomaterials.