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Artificial Intelligence in the Petroleum Industry. Vol. 2

Authors : BRAUNSCHWEIG Bertrand


Ph.D. in Computer Science

Senior Research Engineer at IFP (French Petroleum Institute)

Field of publication:
Computer Science, petroleum

Author of 40 scientific articles, Dr. Braunschweig published and edited the following titles in English:
– Simulation on Micro Computer (Ed. Eyrolles)
– Artificial Intelligence in the Petroleum Industry – Vol. 1 and 2 (Ed. Technip)

Complementary information:
Dr. Braunschweig is the president of AFIA and
CAPE-OPEN project Coordinator.

, BREMDAL Bernt A.


ISBN : 9782710807032
trade paperback      170 x 240 mm      400 pages
Publication date : 1996

Most chapters are extensions to papers presented at the AI Petro Conference held in September 1995 in Lillehammer, Norway.

Contents :

I. Upstream exploration. Knowledge-based systems. Neural networks. Case-based reasoning. II. Upstream operations. Knowledge-based systems. Constraint satisfaction systems. Representation models. III. Process monitoring and insight. Knowledge-based systems. Neural networks. Fuzzy systems. References. Index.