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Wireline Logging Tool Catalog

BPP Instrument Ltd., Dresser Atlas, Gearhart, Geoservices, Micro Log, Prakla Seismos, Schlumberger, Welex

Auteurs : VERDIER Maurice


Commentaire : French Oil and Gas Industry Association publication. With the sponsorship of the Société pour l'Avancement de l'Interpré- tation des Diagraphies (SAID), the Paris Chapter of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA). 2nd edition
ISBN : 9782710805038
relié      210 x 297 mm      424 pages
Date de publication : 1986

Petroleum engineers, geologists, drillers using wireline logging techniques, will be interested in reading the Wireline Logging Tool Catalog. This catalog is designed to facilitate and explain the use of wireline logging by (l) drawing up programs, (2) showing the adaptation of tools to downhole conditions, drilling fluids, and formations to be measured, (3) monitoring operations such as recording speeds and calibration control. For quick consultation of the catalog, the tools are classified by "families". For each family of tools, a background to the technology, principles of measurement and applications is given, along with examples of recorded curves. Documents submitted by service companies follow this introduction. They include technical data sheets, sketches of tools and their main combinations, examples of calibration.

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