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Peri-Tethyan Platforms

Proceedings of the IFP/Peritethys Research Conference, Arles, 1993

Auteurs : ROURE François

ROURE François

ISBN : 9782710806790
broché      210 x 270 mm      294 pages
Date de publication : 1994

Table des matières :

I. Introduction. 1. Evolution of Peri-Tethyan basins as a mirror of Tethys dynamics. 2. Magmatism and basin dynamics within the Peri-Tethyan domain. II. Deformations at plate boundaries. 3. Neogene deformations at the Sicilian-North African plate boundary. 4. Palinspastic reconstructions of the Carpathians and adjacent areas since the Cretaceous: a quantitative approach. 5. Basin inversion along the North African margin: the Saharan Atlas (Algeria). III. Paleostress. 6. Present day stress in plate boundaries zones: influence of relative motions and plate geometry. 7. Construction of trajectory maps based on local paleostress determinations and their interpretation: some new insights. 8. From joints to paleostresses. 9. From inversion methods to paleostress field reconstructions in platforms, chains and basins: an overview. Some examples in Western and Central Europe. 10. Paleostress in the southern Tunisian platform. 11. Calcite twins as a key to paleostresses in sedimentary basins: preliminary results from drill cores of the Paris basin. 12. Intra-plate stresses and basin inversion: a case from the southern North Sea. IV. Stratigraphic correlations. 13. Upper Cretaceous biostratigraphy of the borders of the Ural belt: Western Siberian and Eastern Volga-Ural basins. 14. A tentative integrated biostratigraphic scale to correlate Mesozoic Peri-Tethyan platform and basin deposits. Basic biostratigraphic foundations.

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