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Corrosion and Degradation of Metallic Materials

Understanding of the Phenomena and Applications in Petroleum and Process Industries

Auteurs : ROPITAL François

ROPITAL François

François Ropital est ingénieur Matériaux de l’Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon, docteur de l’Ecole nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Etienne en Génie chimique et Habilité à diriger des recherches de l’Université Paris VI en Chimie appliquée et Génie des procédés industriels. Il travaille à l’IFP sur le comportement des matériaux pour les technologies de l’énergie, y enseigne la corrosion et est responsable d’un groupe de travail sur le sujet au sein de la Fédération européenne de corrosion.

Commentaire : 

Preface by Yves Chauvin, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005

ISBN : 9782710809449
broché      170 x 240 mm      276 pages
Date de publication : Mars 2010

Acheteurs américainsAcheteurs américains

Corrosion of metallic equipment has a major impact on the operating costs of industrial facilities, the reliability and lifetime of equipments, human safety and the environment. This book provides an update of the knowledge on the understanding and prevention of the main phenomena causing corrosion and degradation of metallic materials in petroleum and process industries.
The first section provides an in-depth description of the actions of the main corrosive environments. Eighteen chemical environments and the associated corrosion phenomena are presented in detail. Where are they found? Which materials are concerned? Which are the more important parameters that affect this type of corrosion? What are the possible solutions? Examples are systematically given to illustrate the phenomenon described.
The second section describes the various techniques used in the petroleum industry to protect metallic materials, to detect and to monitor corrosion, in a manner readily accessible to non-specialist readers.
The third section lists the basic principles required to understand the structure and the behaviour of the main metallic materials as well as the various corrosion modes and other possible sources of damages. The chapters in this section will provide the non-specialist reader with basic information on metallurgy and corrosion.
This book is intended for engineers and technicians who need a reference book, as well as materials science and process engineering students or simply readers wanting to understand the mechanisms involved in the corrosion of metallic materials, its prevention and treatment.


This book is available in French under the title "Corrosion et dégradation des matériaux métalliques".

Table des matières :

1. Main corrosion phenomena encountered in oil and gas production, refining and petrochemistry industries: corrosion mechanisms and preventive solutions. 2. Prevention of corrosion and degradation of metallic materials used in the petroleum industry. 3. Fundamentals on metallic alloys and corrosion. Annexes. Glossary. Index.

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