Catalogue :  DESTRIAU Michel

Ph.D. in science

Professor of Physical chemistry at the University of Bordeaux I - France

Field of publication:
Physical chemistry, chemical kinetics

Author of about 70 scientific articles, Dr. Destriau published and co-authored 6 titles:
In English:
– Combustion and Flames. Chemical and Physical Principles (Ed. Technip)
In French:
– La combustion et les flammes (Ed. Technip)
– Cinétique et dynamique chimique (Ed. Technip)
– Introduction à la cinétique chimique (Dunod)
– Chimie structurale (Hermant)
– Chimie générale, chimie minérale (Hermant)

Catalogue :  BORGHI Roland

Aeronautical Engineer, Ph.D.

Professor at the University of Aix-Marseille (France)

Field of publication:
Fluid Mechanics, energetics, combustion

Author of 92 scientific articles, Dr. Borghi published3 titles with Editions Technip:
In English:
– Combustion and Flames (with M. Destriau)
In French:
– La combustion et les flammes (with M. Destriau)
– Modélisation et théorie des flammes (with M. Champion)

Complementary information:
Co-prizewinner of the "Grand prix Gaz de France" awarded by the Académie des Sciences" - Paris (1991) and prizewinner of the Numa Manson Medal awarded by the International Committee of Dynamics of Explosions and Reactives Systems (1997).

Combustion and Flames Combustion and Flames
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