Catalogue :  THEYS Philippe

Graduate Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Paris
BS in Economics.
MS in Plasma Physics
Consultant in Data Quality with Anadarko, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ETAP, Marathon Oil, Occidental and Statoil.
Field of publication:
Log interpretation and acquisition
Author of numerous scientific articles, mainly in English, but also in Russian, French and Japanese.
The main publications:
- Quest for Quality Data (Ed. Technip)
- Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control (Ed. Technip)
- Litho Density Logging (Schlumberger)
- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging (Schlumberger)
- CSU Reference Manual (Schlumberger)
- MAXIS Reference Manual (Schlumberger)
- Anadrill Reference Manual 96 (Schlumberger)
- Anadrill Reference Manual 98 (Schlumberger)
President of SPWLA (Society of Petrophysicists and Log Analysts) 2000-2001
President of SAID (Société d’Avancement de l’Interprétation de la SAID).
Associate Editor of the magazine Petrophysics. Founder and writer of "Le Log."