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Drilling Data Handbook9th
Drilling Data Handbook
99 € - 115 US$

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Oil & Gas Science and Technology is a bilingual journal that publishes science and technology articles in English and/or French in the fields of oil and gas research, production, refining, and chemistry, and their use and economics.
These articles may cover:
The results of original research
Summaries or reviews on particular topics
Short technical notes on specialized issues or methodological details


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1946 - 20013------ 90€
2013 ------------- 100€

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Catalogue 2011



Drilling Data Handbook9th

Drilling Data Handbook

NGUYEN Jean-Paul

Jan 2014
9th edition, hardcover
130 x 180 mm,
99 € - 115 US$

The first edition of the Drilling Data Handbook was printed in 1950. In more than six decades the book has got improved, adding lots of new technologies and equipments along its eight additional editions.


Hybrid Vehicles
From Components to System

Francois BADIN

trade paperback, 170 x 240 mm, 352 p.

85 Euros, 105 $US

Hybrid vehicles - Francois Badin

The fast growth in world population and the associated energy requirements, the announced depletion of fossil fuel resources, the continuing rise in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the induced climatic changes represent some of the major challenges to be taken up in the coming years and decades.


After the US Shale Gas Revolution

After the US Shale Gas Revolution

BROS Thierry

trade paperback, 170 x 240 mm, 176 pages

33 Euros, 40 $US

After 20 years at different positions in the gas sector, from the policy side to trading floors, the author gives an overview of the major gas issues and elaborate on the consequences of the US shale gas revolution


Essentials of reservoir engineering Volume 2

Pierre Donnez

170 x 240 mm, 492 p.

100 € - 119 $US

Heavy crude Oils

The present book completes the first volume on the "Essentials of Reservoir Engineering".

- Chapters 1 to 6 are complementary to the material discussed in the first volume.
- Chapters 7 and 8 cover secondary and tertiary recovery methods. ...

Essentials of Reservoir Engineering
89 € - 107 US$

Essentials of Reservoir Engineering
Contents of volumes 1 and 2 give a general view of the essential material knowledge for students and professionals. Opportunity for deeper investigation is available from the extensive complementary references featured. more
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Drilling Data Handbook9th
Drilling Data Handbook
9th Edition
99 € - 115 US$

Basics of Reservoir Engineering
Basics of Reservoir Engineering
92 € - 110 US$

Quest for Quality Data
Quest for Quality Data
52€/ US$ 60

Basics of Well Completion and Servicing
The Well Logging Handbook
45 € - 60 US$

IFRI  - Oil and Gas to Europe

Oil and Gas to Europe
17.50 € - 21 $US

Chinese Climate Policy Institutions and Intent
13 € - 18 $US



IFP EnergieS nouvelles Publications

Gas chromatography and 2D-gas chromatography for petroleum industry
The race for selectivity

Fabrice Bertoncini, Marion Courtiade-Tholance et Didier Thiébaut

60 euros 72 $US

Gas chromatography and 2D-gas chromatography for petroleum industry

Detailed knowledge of petroleum products at molecular scale has always been essential to understand the mechanisms leading to their formation, to design thermodynamic and kinetic models employed in the refining processes and to predict their physical properties.


Catalysis by Transition Metal Sulfides

Catalysis by Transition Metal Sulfides
From Molecular Theroy to Industrial Application

Hervé Toulhoat
Pascal Raybaud

130 € - 130 $US

The main application of Transition Metal Sulphides (TMS) as solid catalysts is for production of clean fuels in petroleum refineries. The various feedstocks to be processed all contain more or less sulphur, included in highly stable heteroaromatic molecules.


Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels
From Conventional to Unconventional Hydrocarbon Systems

Alain-Yves Huc

trade paperback, 170 x 240 mm, 248 p.

65 € - 75 $US

HUC - Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels

Understanding the origin and fate of hydrocarbons in the subsurface has been the major endeavor of organic geochemists during the second half of the XXth century. They succeeded to the point where the deciphered interplaying set of elements and processes paved the way to the revolutionary concept of petroleum system, a unifying paradigm which plays an important role in decision making associated with oil and gas exploration.


Progressing cavity pumps - Oil well production artificial lift

Progressing Cavity Pumps
Oil Well Production
Artificial Lift


trade paperback, 170 x 240 mm, 240 p.

67 Euros, 75 $US,

The Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP), invented by René Moineau, is a great innovation for the whole industry, particularly in petroleum production. Since 1980, Progressing Cavity Pumps have been widely used in the production of heavy oil well containing sand and gas.


Hydrogen, The Post-Oil Fuel ?

Coordinated by :
Edouard Freund
Paul Lucchese

trade paperback, 170 x 240 mm, 400 p.

85 € - 102 $US

Hydrogen The Post-Oil Fuel ?

Hydrogen, energy vector for the future? Or, on the contrary, limited to its current applications in the field of chemistry and refining for decades to come, possibly even until the end of the century? There is much controversy over this issue and two sides to the argument.

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