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Design Guides for Offshore Structures. Vol. 1 Welded Tubular Joints

Commentaire : ARSEM (Association de Recherche sur les Structures Métalliques Marines).
ISBN : 9782710805304
relié      170 x 240 mm      352 pages
Date de publication : 1987

Table des matières :

I. Scope and field of application of the guide. 1. Introduction. 2. General guidelines on joint details. 3. Steel grade choice for welded steel structures. 4. Corrosion protection. II. Analysis of the static strength of tubular joints. 1. Introduction. 2. Determination of extreme values of climatic and oceanographic parameters. 3. Determination of load cases requiring verification. 4. Ultimate static strength formulas for welded tubular joints. III. Fatigue analysis of tubular joints. 1. Concepts. 2. Actions and loads. 3. Determination of the stress concentration factor in simple geometry joints. 4. Determination of the stress concentration factor in joints of complex geometry. 5. Definition of the reference S-N curve. 6. Modifications of the reference S-N curve. 7. Fatigue strength improving techniques. 8. Cumulative fatigue damage. 9. Fatigue life calculation by fracture mechanics. References.