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Geophysics of Reservoir and Civil Engineering

Authors : ARENS Georges

ARENS Georges

BA  in science
Graduate Engineer from ENSPM (IFP School
– France)

Senior Research Geophysicist at Elf Aquitaine Production

Field of publication:
Reservoir seismic method, acoustics

Author of 8 scientific articles in English, Mr. Arens published with Editions Technip:
In English:
– Geophysics of Reservoir and Civil Engineering (with J.-L. Mari et al.)
In French:
– Géophysique de gisement (avec J.-L. Mari et al.)

, CHAPELLIER Dominique




, MARI Jean-Luc

MARI Jean-Luc

Graduate Engineer From ENSPM (IFP School - France)
Ph.D. in Earth sciences

Professor in Geophysics at IFP School, Senior Research Geophysicist at IFP (French Institute of Petroleum)

Field of publication:
Geophysics, signal processing

Author of about 60 scientific articles (30 in English), Dr. Mari published 12 titles with Editions Technip:
in English:
- Full Waveform Acoustic Data Processing (with F. Coppens, Ph. Gavin and E. Wicquart)
- Geophysics of Reservoir and Civil Engineering (with G. Arens, D. Chapellier and P. Gaudiani)
- Seismic Surveying and Well Logging (with S. Boyer)
- Seismic Well Surveying (with F. Coppens)
- Signal Processing for Geologists and Geophysicists (with F. Glangeaud and F. Coppens)
- Wave Separation (with F. Glangeaud)
in French:
- Géophysique de gisement et de génie civil (with G. Arens, D. Chapellier and P. Gaudiani)
- Mise en œuvre et traitement de la sismique de puits et des diagraphies acoustiques
- La sismique de puits (with F. Coppens)
- Sismique et diagraphies (with S. Boyer)
- Traitement des diagraphies acoustiques (with F. Coppens, Ph. Gavin and E. Wicquart)
- Traitement du signal pour géologues et géophysiciens (with F. Glangeaud and F. Coppens)
  - Vol. 1. Prospection sismique
  - Vol. 2. Techniques de base
and also 2 CD-Rom (English- French):
- Reservoir and Civil Engineering Geophysics (with D. Chapellier)
- Signal Processing in Geosciences (with F. Glangeaud)

ISBN : 9782710807575
hardcover      170 x 240 mm      456 pages
Publication date : September 1999

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Around the book

This book is intended for Earth science specialists using geophysical methods, which are applicable to both reservoir studies and civil engineering. In each chapter, the reader will find theoretical concepts, practical rules and, above all, concrete examples of applications. For this reason, the book can be used as a text to accompany course lectures or continuing education seminars.

Contents :

1. Methodology for the study of geotechnical problems. 2. From the petroleum field to civil engineering. 3. Theoretical overview of seismic and acoustic techniques. 4. Reflection seismic. 5. Refraction seismic. 6. Well seismic. 7. Acoustic logging. 8. Examples of hydrocarbon field and civil engineering studies. 9. Radar. 10. Role of well logging in geotechnics. 11. Logging and soil mechanics. Bibliography. Index.