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Petroleum Refining. Vol. 4 Materials and Equipment

Authors : TRAMBOUZE Pierre


Graduate Engineer from ENSCP - France (Chemical Engineering)
Ph.D. in Science

Director of the Industrial Development Centre at IFP (French Institute of Petroleum)

Field of publication:
Chemical Engineering

Author of about 80 scientific articles, Dr. Trambouze published and co-authored 7 titles with Editions Technip:
In english:
- Chemical Reactors: Design, Engineering, Operation
- Scale-up Methodology for Chemical Processes
- Petroleum Refining. Vol. 4. Materials and Equipment (Ed.)
In French:
- Le développement des procédés de raffinage et de pétrochimie
- Les réacteurs chimiques. De la conception à la mise en œuvre (Nouvelle édition revue et augmentée)
- Les réacteurs chimiques : conception, calcul et mise en œuvre
- Les réacteurs chimiques. Recueil d’exercices
- Méthodologie pour l’ extrapolation des procédés chimiques
- Le raffinage du pétrole. Tome 4. Matériels et équipements (Ed.)

ISBN : 9782710807834

Publication date : October 2000

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This volume is devoted to the main equipment used in a refinery or a petrochemical complex, classified by technology. The basic principles for design and sizing are presented for each type of equipment. The details of practical implementation are also discussed with a view to maximum efficiency. Equipment selection criteria are provided for specific applications. Lastly, emphasis is placed on the major trends in equipment development.

Contents :

 I. Separation technologies. 1. Gas-liquid contactors for distillation: plate columns. 2. Gas-liquid contactors for distillation: packed columns. 3. Solvent extraction equipment. 4. Techniques for physical separation of phases. II. Heat transfer technologies. 5. Process furnaces. 6. Heat Exchangers. III. Reaction technologies. 7. Chemical reactor technology. IV. Mechanical operations. 8. Pumps, compressors, turbines and ejectors. 9. Agitation and mixing techniques. V. Control and optimization techniques. 10. Control and Monitoring. 11. Rational use of energy. References. Index.