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Maritime and Pipeline Transportation of Oil and Gas: Problems and Outlook

Proceedings of the Conference HEC-Montreal,April 23-24, 1990

Auteurs : POIRIER André


, ZACCOUR Georges


ISBN : 9782710806066
broché      170 x 240 mm      320 pages
Date de publication : 1991

Meeting at Montreal, industry and university experts from Brazil, Canada, France, Great Britain, Norway, the United States and the World Bank assess the situation in oil and gas transportation, and explore the economic and technical outlook for this industry in the wake of ongoing research and corporate long range planning. The book also covers policy debates such as regional integration and the harmonizing of regulation, the respective roles of industrialized and developing countries, and the challenging question of pollution in the Mediterranean.

Table des matières :

I. Maritime transportation: World outlook. II. Maritime and pipeline transportation: Regional considerations. III. Modeling maritime and pipeline transportation.

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