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Advances in Operations Research in the Oil and Gas Industry

Proceedings of the Workshop held at HEC, Montreal, June 13-14, 1991

Auteurs : BRETON Michèle

BRETON Michèle

, ZACCOUR Georges


ISBN : 9782710806103
broché      170 x 240 mm      232 pages
Date de publication : 1991

This volume contains the contributions of 25 authors. The subjects covered include the following: exploration and production, refining and petrochemical, transportation, gas contract portfolio management, game theory, application of mathematical programming to petroleum allocation problems and the valuation of offshore oil-field development leases.

Table des matières :

Application of stochastic programming to medium and long term planning in the refining industry. A stochastic model for gasoline blending. Example of feedstock optimization. Location and sizing of off-shore platforms for oil exploration. A rapid method to simulate exploration for hydrocarbons. The valuation of offshore oil-field development leases. Frontiers in economic research on petroleum allocation using mathematical programming methods. Feedback versus open-loop leader/fringe models of the oil supply market. On endogenous order of moves in a trade embargo game. Gas contract portfolio management: a stochastic programming approach. Elastic set partitioning: a powerful tool for scheduling transportation of oil and gas. Integrating market share models with network optimizing models for strategic planning in an oil pipeline company. Stochastic simulation of off-shore oil terminal systems. Expert hierarchical selection of oil and gas distribution systems. References.

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