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Manual of Process Economic Evaluation

Authors : CHAUVEL Alain


ENSIC Engineer
Chemical Engineering MS degree (Nancy – France)
Ph.D. (Paris - France)

Deputy Director, Strategy, Economics Program (IFP – French Petroleum Institute)

Field of publication:
Economic evaluation, petrochemicals

Author of 50 scientific articles, Dr. Chauvel published and co-authored 12 titles including:
In English:
– Manual of Economic Analysis of Chemical Processes (Ed. MacGraw-Hill)
– Petrochemical Processes. Technical and Economic Characteristics – 2 vol. (Ed.Technip)
In French:
– Manuel d’évaluation économique des procédés (Ed.Technip)
– Procédés de pétrochimie. Caractéristiques techniques et économiques – 2 vol. (Ed.Technip)





ISBN : 9782710808367
hardcover      170 x 240 mm     
Publication date : August 2003

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Around the book

This volume will enable the reader to successfully undertake pre-project evaluations, especially in the areas of refining and petrochemistry. It encompasses all the essential steps: market analysis, comparative studies of technical and economic issues, sensitivity studies, sizing and costing of the equipment required for an industrial-scale plant, estimation of capital spending, calculation of costs and sales prices, etc. The first edition of this manual proved to be a very valuable teaching tool for universities and advanced engineering and business schools, both in France and abroad. It is essential for the rapid evaluation of the cost and profitability of proposed plants and of those already in operation. It has been widely used by engineers, consulting firms, and corporate research and development departments. Its status as the only current publication that covers all the steps involved in the economic evaluation of projects will render it particularly valuable to its users. It will quickly become indispensable to everyone whose job it is to evaluate the economic impact of the development, cancellation or reorientation of a project.


This book is available in French under the title "Manuel d’évaluation économique des procédés".

Contents :

1. Market analysis. 2. The elements of economic calculation. 3. The determination of battery limits investments. Appendix 1. Functional modules method (FMM). Appendix 2. Pré-estime method. Bibliography. Index

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