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Petroleum Refining. Vol. 5 Refinery Operation andManagement

Authors : FAVENNEC Jean-Pierre

FAVENNEC Jean-Pierre

Graduate Engineer from the Ecole des industries chimiques (Chemical engineering) and from ENSPM  (IFP School - France)

Manager of the Center for Economics and Management at ENSPM (IFP School - France), Professor at ENSPM

Field of publication:
Petroleum refining economics

Author of about 20 scientific articles, Mr. Favennec was the editor of the following title, in French:
- Le raffinage du pétrole - Tome 5. Exploitation et gestion de la raffinerie (Ed. Technip)

ISBN : 9782710808015
hardcover      160 x 240 mm      624 pages
Publication date : July 2001

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In this volume, the reader will find: an analysis of the refining industry’s current environment and economics, including the importance of crude oil, the demand for petroleum products, markets and price setting mechanisms for crude oil and oil products, refining costs and margins, the evolution of the refining capacity and of constraints on the industry ; a review of the tools available for optimising and controlling operations; an explanation of material balance management and a description of refinery management and organisation.


This book is available in French Under the title "le raffinage du pétrole. Tome 5. Exploitation et gestion de la raffinerie".

Contents :

I. Background to refining. 1. Oil and Energy. 2. Petroleum products applications, characteristics, markets. 3. International oil markets. 4. Refining: a technical summary investments, margins, costs probable future developments. II. Refining tools. 5. Introduction to linear programming as used in the refining industry. 6. Application of linear programming to refining. 7. Automation, process control and information technology. 8. Applications and their implementation. III. Management and organisation. 9. Management and optimisation of refinery operations. 10. Logistics: transport and despatch. 11. Functional and organisational analysis. 12. Managerial aspects. Glossary. Index.

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