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Petroleum Refining. Vol. 3 Conversion Processes

Authors : LEPRINCE Pierre


Graduate Engineer from ENSPM (IFP School - France)
Ph.D. in Chemistry and Physics

Director of the Information and Documentation Department at IFP (French Petroleum Institute)

Field of publication:
Heterogeneous catalysis, petrochemical industry, oil refining, substitute fuels, energy economic, research policy

Author of numerous scientific articles, Dr. Leprince published and was the editor or co-author of the following titles:
In English:
- Manual of Economic Analysis of Chemical Processes (McGraw-Hill)
- Petroleum Refining. Vol. 3. Conversion Processes (Ed. Technip)

In French:
- Procédés de pétrochimie. Caractéristiques techniques et économiques (Ed. Technip)
- Manuel d’évaluation économique des procédés (Ed. Technip)
- Le raffinage du pétrole - Tome 3. Procédés de transformation (Ed. Technip)

ISBN : 9782710807797
hardcover      160 x 240 mm      704 pages
Publication date : 2001

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This volume describes the characteristics of processes used in petroleum refining: upgrading light fractions (reforming and isomerization), converting distillates (catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and associated equipment), converting residues (visbreaking, coking hydroconversion), and reducing air and water pollution (white product sweetening, acid gas, stack gas, and waste water treatment).

This book is available in French Under the title "le raffinage du pétrole. Tome 3. Procédés de transformation".

Contents :

1. Introduction. 2. Basic principles governing chemical changes. 3. Industrial catalysts. 4. Catalytic reforming. 5. Catalytic cracking. 6. Isomerization of light paraffins. 7. Aliphatic alkylation. 8. Olefin etherification. 9. Oligomerization. 10. Hydrocracking. 11. Visbreaking of residues. 12. Coking. 13. Residue hydroconversion. 14. Hydrogen production. 15. White products refining by sweetening. 16. Hydrotreating. 17. Acid gas treatment. 18. Desulfurization of stack gases. 19. Water treatment. References. Index.

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