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Oil, Gas and Other Energies

A Primer

Authors : LEGAULT Albert


ISBN : 9782710809050
trade paperback      170 x 240 mm      403 pages
Publication date : January 2008

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At a time when the topic of energy is front and centre, this book examines the basic concepts that are essential to grasping the energy issues of the 21st century. All the main questions that people have about energy, especially oil and gas, are addressed, providing students, academics, journalists, representatives of government and other institutions and interested readers in general with the information they need to understand the complex, multifaceted energy sector. Abundantly illustrated, this book represents five years of exhaustive research on a fascinating and highly controversial topic. It discusses all the processes related to fossil forms of energy, from the formation of hydrocarbons (crude oil and natural gas) to the delivery of oil and gas to consumers. Il also examines renewable energy options and climate change issues in addressing the major geopolitical challenges facing the energy sector.

Contents :

Unit Conversions and Abbreviations. Abbreviations and Acronyms. 1. The Extraordinary History of the Earth. 2. The Formation of Oil and Gas. 3. Energy, Past and Present. 4. Renewable Energies. 5. The Essence of Oil and Gas. 6. Geography of Oil and Gas. 7. The Outlook for Petroleum Prices and Demand Until 2030. 8. Global Warming. 9. Liquified Natural Gas. 10. The Big Three : Russia, China and the United States. Index of Names.

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