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Acido-Basic Catalysis

Application to Refining and Petrochemistry (2 volumes)

Authors : MARCILLY Christian

MARCILLY Christian

Graduate Engineer from IFP School (France)
Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry
Post-doc at the Imperial College (London)

Associated Director of Research at IFP (French Petroleum Institute)

Fields of publication:
Catalysis, Refining, Petrochemicals, Solid chemistry

Author of about 60 scientific articles (about 40 in English), Ch. Marcilly published and co-authored the following titles with Editions Technip:
In French:
- Introduction à la cinétique hétérogène (with B. Delmon)
- Catalyse de contact (with J.-F. Le Page)
- Procédés de transformation. Vol 3. Le raffinage du pétrole (with P. Leprince)
In English:
- Applied Heterogeneous Catalysis (with J.-F.Le Page)
- The Hydrocarbon Chemistry of FCC Naphtha Formation (with HJ Lovink)
- Conversion Processes, 3rd vol. of Petroleum Refining (with P. Leprince)
With other publishers:
- Catalytic Naphtha Reforming (Marcel Dekker)
- Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis
- Encyclopaedia of Supramolecular Chemistry (Marcel Dekker, to be published)

Complementary informations:
- Associated Director of Research (CNRS, 1986-1990)
- Deputy Director of the Kinetics and Catalysis Department of IPF (1992-1998)
- Associated Professor of Research (IFP School, 1995)

ISBN : 9782710808619
trade paperback      170 x 240 mm     
Publication date : November 2005

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This book presents a complete overview of acido-basic catalysis applied to refining and petrochemistry, as well as the fundamentals and the information required for a rational and coherent description of the major operations carried out in these two industries.
The book places special emphasis on the reactional and mechanistic characteristics of hydrocarbon conversions and on the properties of the acids or bases underlying catalytic performance. It also focuses on the industrial aspects, showing how these characteristics and properties determine the choice and features of the processes used.
This reference manual is intended for professionals, scientists, engineers and teachers wanting to acquire a solid background, develop their knowledge or find further information. It will also be useful to students specialising in catalysis and the catalytic conversions of hydrocarbons.


This book is available in French under the title "Catalyse acido-basique. Application au raffinage et à la pétrochimie".

Contents :

Volume 1. 1. Overview on Acido-Basicity. 2. Main Acids, Superacids and Bases of Interest in Catalysis. 3. Chemistry of Carbocations. 4. Reactivity and Conversion Modes of the Main Hydrocarbon Families. 5. Introduction to Refining and Petrochemistry. 6. Base Catalysis. Examples of Industrial Applications. Glossary. Index. Volume 2. 7. Conversion of Aliphatic Feedstocks. 8. Conversion of Simple Aromatic Feedstocks. 9. Reactions between Various Hydrocarbons and the Alcohols. Conversion of Methanol into Hydrocarbons. 10. Catalytic Reforming. 11. Processes Used in the Conversion of Heavy Feedstocks. 12. Catalytic Dewaxing. 13. Shape Selectivity in Acid Catalysis. Conclusion. Glossary. Index.

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