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Essential of Reservoir Engineering. Vol. 2

Essential of Reservoir Engineering
Auteurs : DONNEZ Pierre


Pierre Donnez holds a Master’s degree in aeronautics. He spent 12 years working for Schlumberger Wireline Services and 22 years for Total in the reservoir engineering department. Currently, he is teaching at the IFP School, Rueil-Malmaison.

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ISBN : 9782710810100
relié      170 x 240 mm      512 pages
Date de publication : Juillet 2012

Acheteurs américains
Acheteurs américains

The present book completes the first volume on the "Essentials of Reservoir Engineering".

- Chapters 1 to 6 are complementary to the material discussed in the first volume.
- Chapters 7 and 8 cover secondary and tertiary recovery methods.
- Chapter 9 introduces well testing, and chapter 10 gives elements of log interpretation.
- Chapter 11 gives techniques used to predict reservoir performances in particular conditions.
- Chapter 12 covers the unconventional oil reservoir issues that become of prime importance today.
- Chapter 13 gives some guidelines to engineers on how to develop a reservoir t depending on the volume of data available.
- Chapter 14 reviews definitions of resources and reserves admitted within the industry.
- Reservoir monitoring and integrated reservoir management issues are covered in chapter 15.
- Uncertainties in reservoir engineering become a dominant subject for companies to make the right decision. The associated design of experiment technique is discussed in chapter 16.
- Chapter 17 covers the unconventional gas reservoirs that take an increasing part of gas production in the world.
- Basic principles on economics essential to engineers are given in chapter 18.

Contents of volumes 1 and 2 give a general view of the essential material knowledge for students and professionals. Opportunity for deeper investigation is available from the extensive complementary references featured.

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